Billboard story

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when teenage girls on a frantic search for the perfect dress, young men rent tuxedos and creative proposal are concocted in order to find a date: It’s prom season. Every year we hear a different story of dramatic prom proposals or controversial dates, just last year James Tate was suspended from school for asking his date to prom by posting giant cardboard letters on one of the walls of his high school. While Tate’s gesture may have been on the mor extreme end of things what one Killeen,TX mother did this year was way more outlandish. Tammy Day, mother of Prom Queen candidate, Brandy Day, bought her daughter a billboard to increase her daughters chances of being selected Prom Queen. The rotating pink sign crucially located at an intersection near the school sadly did not get Day the votes needed to secure the Prom Queen position. Although some may see Tammy Day’s attempt to make sure her daughter had fond high school memories as outright outlandish, Mrs.Day’s style is right on par with the garish shows of excess popularized by the MTV reality show “My Super Sweet 16”. Why do teenage consumers (and their parents) feel the need flashy when it comes to events like these?